Monday, March 14, 2011

Blog Hop for Japan

The Blog Hop for Japan Giveaway
April 1st through April 15th
Hosted by The Bawdy Book Blog and My Shelf Confessions

What's a giveaway hop, you ask?
It's a chance for us bloggers to link together, offering up goodies and swag while easily allowing our followers to "hop" through each blog and try to win.
Bloggers get new followers, readers get goodies, so it's a win-win!

But let's take it a step further.

As most of you know, Japan was recently struck with an 8.9M earthquake off its coast, which resulted in a devastating tsunami that wiped out tens of thousands of homes, cut off water supply and electricity and ended the lives of many (the death toll is still rising).  It's heartbreaking that mother nature can be so cruel.  But the human spirit, in all its glory, can rebound and move forward.  Every bit of help means something.

(For "before" and "after" pictures, click here.) 

Each blog will host their own giveaway; it can be whatever you want.  There is no minimum or maximum amount for your giveaway.  It is completely up to you.  You can give away books, bookmarks, giftcards (Amazon, B&N, whatever) or anything else, as long as it is book-related.

All participating blogs will be linked up through a Blog Hop for Japan Giveaway linky.  I will give you the code for your blog so that your readers can jump from one blog to the next.  I'll also provide the link code for the Paypal donation site that will be set up, with funds going to the American Red Cross to benefit the Japan Quake/Tsunami disaster. 

Please help spread the word.  Retweet this, post it on Goodreads or Facebook, invite other bloggers.  The more we get people involved, the bigger the impact we can make. 

Thanks for your help.

To Sign up to host a giveaway please click on the link The Bawday Book Blog.

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